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Almost 300 plant species have been recorded. The catchment area is home to two endemic flowering plants not found elsewhere, and fourteen species in Uganda are known only in this area. The most striking character of the rare Nabugabo plants is the relative dominance of carnivorous plants

Birds and animals

The fauna ecosystem consists of a wide variety of key animal communities. Hippopotamus and sitatunga are found. Among the birds, kingfishers and grey crowned crane are also found. Lake Nabugabo is an important stop-over point for a number of species of migratory birds

Entomology (Insects)

Fortunately, not every insect species is so detestable and unpleasant to look at. Out of more than a million of described insect species, there are also many of those who are actually beautiful, interesting, and even cute, and this is exactly what...

Lake nabugabo

Lake Nabugabo is a satellite lake of Lake Victoria, being only 4 kilometres (2.5 mi) away from its shores. The area was chosen as a Ramsar Site (protected area) for its importance for the people and animals...


The Nabugabo lake system, which includes the main lake itself and the associated lakes Kayanja, Kayugi and Manywa (all separated from Lake Nabugabo by swamps), is rich in native fish, notably eight species of


Beauty comes with life and life comes with light! The astaunding morning sun rise reflecting above the waters of lake nabugabo will give you an unforgettable morning! With a cool and fresh breathe from the shores, ...