Geographical background of Nabugabo Holiday Centre

Nabugabo, a facility on 32 acre facility of Mailo land, is about 18 miles (22kms) from Masaka Town and directly fronts Lake Nabugabo in Buddu county. The land is rectangular in shape measuring 280 ft by 1200 ft, the longer edge fronting the lake itself.

Nabugabo is endowed with natural resources being a natural lake detached from Lake Victoria and boasting of forests with different tree species, monkeys and birds.

As the New Vision reported in its 3rd February 2005 edition, "one of the main activities during the year's World Wetland Day was to commission Lake Nabugabo Wetlands as Uganda's second Ramsar site. The wetlands inspection division of the Ministry of Water, Lands and Environment hosted over 1,000 wetland managers, scientists and technicians that visited Uganda."

Lake Nabugabo is a major stop-over destination for migratory bird species. The site is listed as an important bird area during part of the year. It holds over 15% of the world's population of the Blue Swallow and supports five globally threatened bird species. These include: Shoe Bill Balaeniceps, Swallow Hirundo Atrocaerulea, Great Snipe Gallinago Media, Pallied Harrier Circus Macrourus and other species. Nabugabo also supports a high diversity of plant species including insectivores of the Droseraceae.