Attractions of Nabugabo Holiday Centre

The center has special species of tropical trees, monkeys, and annually hosts birds that seasonally seek return from countries where weather is difficult for their survival. The site holds 15% of the world's blue swallows and supports five globally threatened bird species. A true paradise for both professional and hobby ornithologists and, in general, for people who love bird watching, nature walks, studying plants and herbs, fishing and boating in an exclusively quiet environment.

Nabugabo Holiday Centre strictly follows an environmental low-impact policy making it a true Eco-Tourism venture. Everything has been set up to minimize negative impacts on Flora and Fauna, at the same time offering our visitors a real and romantic 'up-country experience' far away from civilization.



Let the concierge at the Nabugabo Holiday and Conference Centre help you plan your activities in and around the Lake Nabugabo area, such as:

  • Boat trips
  • Sailing
  • Bird watching
  • Fishing
  • Nature walks